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I offer consultations by telephone or Skype (video option), in person, and by email for dogs, cats, horses and all species of domestic and wild animals...more.


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I offer private tutoring for individuals or for small groups. Private tutoring is a great way to resolve fear and remove blocks...more

You can recapture the intuitive ability you were born with and relearn how to communicate intuitively with animals and nature.

Each person is born with the ability to mentally send and receive thoughts, emotions, and images. As we grow up we are trained to suppress this ability but we don’t lose it.

Learn How To Communicate With Animals
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Once you read this book you will see your animal in a whole new way...more.

My Animal My Self published in German


My Animal My Self published in German


Recent interview Marta did with Keesha Ewers on Healthy You!

Radio show about her Marta’s new book My Animal My Self

Watch a video about how animal communication works

Marta Talks About Her New Book!

Listen to Marta discuss Animal Communication and watch additional videos More…

Help the Animals and the Earth

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* An intuitive consultation is not a substitute for professional medical care and diagnosis. I can not give you a diagnosis and I can’t prescribe; I am not a doctor. If your animal is ill or injured, please seek the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner, ideally a holisitic veterinarian. In the US you can check ahvma.org to find a veterinarian. I can only give you my intuitive impressions and tell you about resources that may be helpful.